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Physical Therapy Malpractice Insurance

Physical therapists play an important role. They assist patients to regain their range of motion, strength, and stability, and promote their well-being. A great deal of hard work goes into preparing such a career and even after several years of education, the therapist must stay apprised of the latest treatment innovations.

It goes without saying that the physical therapist invests a considerable amount of time, effort, and money in order to build their career. Not only must they contend with the cost of education, but they must also join an existing practice or start up their own. The expenses involved in such an endeavor are not inconsequential and various other expenses will also vie for precedence among the therapist’s concerns. Among these is physical therapy malpractice insurance.

Physical Therapy Malpractice Insurance - Why Do You Need It?

Far from being an extraneous expense that the therapist can easily overlook, professional liability insurance is actually an indispensable asset that no therapist should be without. The very nature of the physical therapist’s work demands that they have regular one-on-one contact with patients, which puts them at risk for a malpractice lawsuit. Practicing this profession without professional liability insurance can be a very expensive lesson – one which experienced therapists would warn their novice counterparts against.

Physical therapy treatments always involve some level of risk. Even the simplest of routine procedures may prove to be injurious to the patient. Of course, the physical therapist relies heavily on their education and experience to make certain none of their treatments will harm their clients and for the majority of the time, their treatments are efficacious and in no way cause injury to their patients. However, physical therapy malpractice insurance is meant to cover the therapist in the event that a mistake occurs.

Physical Therapy Malpractice Insurance - What You Should Know

When a mistake causes some kind of damage to the patient, whether it is financial or physical, the patient may sue the therapist for damages. Thus begins a troubling time for the therapist where they may find themselves fighting for their very career. For the therapist who has purchased physical therapy malpractice insurance, however, much of the stress is relieved.

Such insurance pays for lost time at work, court costs, and attorney fees, allowing the therapist to maintain their income and their savings during a difficult time. It even compensates the plaintiff, if necessary, and helps the therapist get back to a normal life much faster.

Last modified: May 15, 2011