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Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance

Occupational therapists provide a valuable service to clients. With their help, patients are able to regain range of motion, develop strength, and generally recover in the wake of an injury, accident, or illness. To become an occupational therapist, individuals must complete a rigorous course of study that typically takes four years. At the end of their training, the new occupational therapist is ready to begin their practice.

But with practice comes risk, and even after years of experience, the risks do not disappear. Each patient represents a unique challenge that must be met with skill and careful forethought. However, misjudgments and errors still may occur. That’s why carrying occupational therapist malpractice insurance is so vitally important.

Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance - Why Do You Need It?

If the occupational therapist is employed by a hospital, treatment facility, or other health care organization, then they are probably covered to some extent by the liability insurance that the organization has purchased for their protection. Nonetheless, it is still advisable for the occupational therapist to purchase their own occupational therapist malpractice insurance. If the therapist is self-employed, then carrying their own professional liability insurance policy is utterly indispensable.

It is professional liability insurance such as this that can stand between the therapist and financial disaster. A patient may make a claim of malpractice against a therapist at any time. Typically, they must show that the therapist was negligent in their treatment, whether by direct act or omission, and that they were in some way injured or harmed by this negligence. Some of these claims are spurious, with the plaintiff alleging damages that either did not truly occur or were not caused by the treatment they received from the occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance - What's Covered?

Either way, such claims can be devastating to a reputation, a career, and a livelihood. Occupational therapist malpractice insurance gives the health care professional the power to handle a malpractice claim in any manner they see fit. It enables them to settle quickly and quietly, without ever going to court or it may help pave the way for a long, drawn-out legal battle.

Such insurance can cover attorney fees and legal costs. It can help compensate the occupational therapist for time missed at work and can even help them meet financial obligations which they may owe to the plaintiff. Such insurance allows the therapist to determine how they would prefer to handle a malpractice claim without being at the mercy of financial ruin.

Last modified: May 15, 2011