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HPSO Insurance Review

HPSO insurance is a good choice for professional liability or malpractice coverage. The company's full name is Healthcare Providers Service Organization. It was founded over 30 years ago. In the past few decades, the company has gained and maintained the trust of over one-million professional individuals.

Policies by HPSO are underwritten by the American Casualty Company, located in Reading, Pennsylvania. American Casualty Company is a CNA company, boasting over 40 years history in the liability insurance field. Professionals who are not familiar with CNA are always delighted to discover how quickly the company handles claims. ACC has consistently carried an "A" rating from A.M. Best Company, which is the country's main insurance analyst.

HPSO Insurance Review - Customer Service

Customer service is highly rated for HPSO.  Representatives are available 24 hours per day to take calls. Response and wait times are very short on average. The staff are reported as knowledgeable, well-trained and polite. HPSO requires their phone agents to be licensed. Online help is also available at all times through virtual customer service representatives. HPSO insurance information for individual professionals can be accessed through an online account.

This company offers occurrence-based insurance. This is the most beneficial kind to have, as it features retroactive pay for occurrences in the past that happened while the policy was active. When claims are made by patients or clients several years in the future, this provision proves very beneficial. Claims are also much easier to track with this system.

HPSO Insurance Review - Coverage

HPSO allows up to $1 million for each occurrence. The total aggregate amount allowed is $3 million. The coverage provided by HPSO covers defense costs in court, deposition representation, defendant expense benefits and license protection. These four provisions are all very vital to have in any court proceeding. In addition to these beneficial coverages, HPSO provides for assault coverage, except in the state of Texas. Personal liability and personal injury coverage is included as well. Adding even more to the generous benefits, HPSO allows for first aid expenses, medical payments and damage of others' physical property.

The company recommends that professionals check their employer's coverage if they offer company insurance. This is sound advice and isn't simply a tool to make money. Not all employers offer good coverage. In fact, many of them often purchase the least expensive insurance they can find. The allowance amounts and specifications are usually far less generous than those in HPSO insurance policies. It is always best to purchase individual insurance if an employer doesn't offer ample coverage.